Update from the Manchester Wesley Research Centre

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Dear Friends of the Manchester Wesley Research Centre:\r\n\r\nThis message is primarily to inform you of two calls for papers:\r\n\r\n‘George Whitefield at 300’ Conference (June 2014)\r\n\r\nProposals for short papers of 20-30 minutes are being accepted until 1 September 2013. Registration for attending the conference is also now open. Details are available on the conference website at: http://www.mwrc.ac.uk/whitefield-conference/\r\n\r\nThe Oxford-Manchester Methodist Studies Seminars \r\n\r\nThe second 2013 seminar will be in Manchester on Saturday 30 November. The deadline for submitting paper proposals is 15 September. For details visit: http://www.mwrc.ac.uk/methodist-studies-seminars/\r\n\r\nOther News \r\n\r\nOur friends in Australia thought you’d like to know that Uniting Academic Press has recently published Sean Winter (ed.), Immense, Unfathomed, Unconfined: The Grace of God in Church and CommunityEssays in Honour of Norman Young. The 25 essays in the book are divided into sections on The Biblical Witness to the Grace of God, Theological Perspectives on the Grace of God, The Grace of God in the Methodist Tradition, The Grace of God and the Life of Grace, and The Life of Grace: Personal Reflections.\r\n\r\nYours,\r\n\r\nGeordan Hammond, Ph.D.\r\n\r\nDirector, Manchester Wesley Research Centre,  www.mwrc.ac.uk\r\n\r\n 

New Edition of The Methodist Review Newsletter

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Readers:\r\n\r\nThe July 2013 issue of The Methodist Review Newsletter has just been published. It is is now ready for reading at  http://www.methodistreview.org.\r\n\r\nThe Methodist Review Newsletter is a quarterly electronic newsletter intended for all those who are interested in the world of Wesleyan and Methodist scholarship. The newsletter is a free supplemental service of Methodist Review, an open access, peer-reviewed electronic journal which publishes scholarly articles in all areas and eras of Wesleyan and Methodist studies. Subscribers to the journal will receive the newsletter free of charge four times a year (January, April, July, and October). Subscription information is provided at the end of the newsletter, which is organized into the following sections:\r\n\r\n• Section 1: Scholarly Society News—matters related to the work of scholarly societies and organizations in the area of Wesleyan and Methodist Studies.\r\n\r\n• Section 2: Other Academic Events—lectures, meetings, conferences, symposia, etc., focused on or closely related to the wider world of Wesleyan and Methodist studies.\r\n\r\n• Section 3: Scholarly Opportunities—fellow ships, seminars, institutes, academic exchange programs, awards and prizes, etc., in the area of Wesleyan and Methodist studies.\r\n\r\n• Section 4: Recent Publications—scholarly monographs, collections of essays, reference works, etc., in the area of Wesleyan and Methodist studies.\r\n\r\n• Section 5: Other Scholarly Resources—libraries, journals, websites, and other resources likely to be of interest to Wesleyan and Methodist scholars.\r\n\r\n• Section 6: Positions and Personalia—announcements about college or seminary faculty or staff positions and news about people in the world of Wesleyan and Methodist studies.\r\n\r\n____________________________\r\n\r\nRex D. Matthews, Managing Editor, Methodist Review\r\n\r\nhttp://www.methodistreview.org