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Many of  you may be interested in the website that we have just launched in connection with The Wesley Works Editorial Project. Note in particular the link for “Online Resources” which will host a growing set of materials that may be of use:

Grace and peace,

Randy L. Maddox, Ph.D.

William Kellon Quick Professor of Wesleyan and Methodist Studies

Associate Dean for Faculty Development

Divinity School

Duke University

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News from the Manchester Wesley Research Centre

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Dear Friends of the Manchester Wesley Research Centre:

As a new academic year begins, we are pleased to update you on the Manchester Wesley Research Centre. We have had a busy and productive summer.

MWRC Annual Lecture

The 2016 MWRC Annual Lecture will be given by Dr Kenneth J. Collins (Professor of Historical Theology and Wesley Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary) on Tuesday 14 June at 5pm. The topic will be ‘The Method of John Wesley’s Practical Theology Reconsidered’. If you are in Manchester then, please join us!

The video of the 2015 Annual Lecture by David Rainey, ‘Beauty in Creation: John Wesley’s Natural Philosophy’, is available here: 2017

Annual Lecture is scheduled to be given in June by Dr Howard A Snyder of the Manchester Wesley Research Centre.

Summer MWRC Visiting Fellows

Visiting Fellows over the summer have been Dr Carol Blessing, Professor of Literature at Point Loma Nazarene University in California (working on Mary Fletcher and Mary Tooth and other projects), Dr Glen O’Brien, Head of Theology and Associate Professor of Church History at Booth College, Sydney College of Divinity (John Wesley’s Political Writings), Dr Cindy Aalders, Recent DPhil Graduate from Oxford (‘The Methodist Child in Eighteenth-Century England’), and Dr Robert Gailey, Director of Center for International Development and Professor of Business, Point Loma University (Wesleyan Theology of Compassion).

Dr David Bundy, Research Professor of World Christian Studies at New York Theological Seminary and Visiting Professor at Seoul Theological University, has just completed six weeks in residence, focusing on English roots of Korean and Japanese Holiness churches. David writes: ‘My work on the “Radical Holiness Movement” in Britain and the specific aspect of the roots of the Korean and Japanese Holiness churches has brought me into connections with lots of Holiness groups and ministries of which I had never heard.’ He adds, ‘This has been a wonderful place to be! The [Nazarene Theological College] archives for my purposes are wonderful.’

First MWRC Post-doctoral Fellow

Andrew Kloes will be the MWRC’s first Post-doctoral Fellow. He plans to be in residence January–June 2016. He will be doing further research on relationships between German and British evangelicals and evangelical awakenings, particularly in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Andrew will also be assisting Geordan Hammond and Howard Snyder in some research projects and will be available for teaching on a limited basis.

Wesley and Methodist Studies

Volume 8:1 of Wesley and Methodist Studies will be published in January 2015. A list of the contents of the volume is attached. Anyone with subscription access to JSTOR electronic journals (usually via institutional subscriptions) can access WMS here:

Methodist Studies Seminars

The second Methodist Studies Seminar of 2015 will be held in Manchester Saturday 5 December. Paper proposals are being accepted until 15 September for the December seminar. For further details, see:

The first Methodist Studies Seminar of 2016 is scheduled for April in Durham.

MWRC Website

Information on MWRC programmes and activities is available on our website:

Best wishes,

Howard A. Snyder

Visiting Director, Manchester Wesley Research Centre