ACWR 2017 Conference Registration Form

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ACWR 2017 Conference

Conference Theme: Global Wesleyanism
Date: 2 – 3 October 2017
Venue: Wellington, New Zealand
Keynote Speaker: Dr Richard Waugh

The theme of the 2017 Conference is Global Wesleyanism. There are over 70 million people in the world who identify as ‘Methodist’ and many millions more who self-describe as ‘Wesleyan’.
A recovery of the Wesleyan origins of significant movements such as Pentecostalism, and The Salvation Army is presently undergoing a renewal of interest.

This Conference attempts a snapshot of this significant global movement. How is the Wesleyan tradition in dialogue with contemporary Biblical scholarship. Where does the Wesleyan movement fit in the shift in Christianity’s centre of gravity to the Global South? Where are there signs of Wesleyan renewal around the world? How does John Wesley’s ideal of a ‘Catholic Spirit’ inform a post-ecumenical age?

Rev. Dr Richard Waugh, National Superintendent of the Wesleyan Methodist Church of New Zealand, and a significant leader in the global Wesleyan movement, is the keynote speaker.
Richard graduated with a D.Min from Asbury Theological Seminary and was awarded the Faculty’s Distinguished Dissertation Award for 2010 for research designed to help local congregation discover their ‘Wesleyan DNA.’ Richard is President of the South Pacific Conference of the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Chairperson of the New Zealand National Church Leaders Meeting (all denominations) and the South Pacific regional secretary for World Methodist Evangelism.

Current documents available for the ACWR 2017 Conference:

Please feel welcome to distribute the conference details and documents. We look forward to seeing you at the conference!