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Aldersgate Papers volume 10 appeared in March 2013 with a September 2012 cover date to maintain consistency of numbering. It is the third issue as the official journal of the ACWR. It carried five papers based on presentations at our 4th Annual Conference held at East City Wesleyan Church, Auckland, New Zealand in August 2012. The meeting was held in association with The Stream Theological Symposium around the theme Wesleyans and the Mission of God. Several of these writers are early in their publishing careers and it was exciting to be able to provide a forum for their work. None of the Conference papers were peer reviewed, though each one went through a careful process of editorial review and comment including input from our international editorial board. The first three articles of this issue, including Greg Coates’ insightful survey of Wesley’s political theology, were peer reviewed by external readers.

The current issue also carries a collection of articles on the History of Australian Methodism. Two of the latter were based on papers presented at the Historical Society of the Uniting Church in South Australia which dedicated its November 2011 meeting in Adelaide to the National History of Methodism project – David Hilliard’s updated survey of South Australian Methodism via a revisiting of Arnold Hunt’s landmark study This Side of Heaven, and former Minister for Education, Donald Hopgood’s study of Methodists in South Australian politics. Samantha Frappell’s insightful article on Methodists and six o’clock closing and Norman Young’s review of Methodist ministerial training both began as papers at the Australian Methodists conference at Queen’s College in December 2011. An earlier version of Glen O’Brien’s paper on Methodism and the Great War was delivered at the Religious History Association meeting in Fremantle, Western Australia in July 2009 and sparked discussion with Hilary Carey about the need for a new scholarly history of Australian Methodism.

We are pleased to announce that a contract has now been signed with UK publisher Ashgate for Hilary Carey and Glen O’Brien, eds. Methodism in Australia to appear in the Ashgate Methodist Studies Series in 2014. The ACWR has become closely related to this project being among the financial contributors to the series of Conferences that led to this multi-contributor book. Other churches and agencies to have contributed include the Arnold Hunt Trust, Kingsley Australia, the Uniting Church Victoria and Tasmania Synod, and the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia. We are very pleased to be one of the places for the publication of work generated by this important research project which, though not designed for the book itself represents significant output from the project.

Our 10th issue of the journal seemed an appropriate time to include an index of articles published so an Article, Author, and Subject Indexes were all included (pp. 173-187). Of the 71 articles and book reviews published in the journal, only four have been in the area of Christian Practice and eight in Biblical Studies. The lion’s share of the article have been in Theology (26), followed closely by Wesley Studies/Wesleyan Theology (18) and History (16). It would be good to be able to strengthen the areas where we have published the least while maintaining our strengths. Abstracts from the journal are listed in Religious and Theological Abstracts at

Aldersgate Papers is the official scholarly journal of the ACWR. It is a peer reviewed journal which publishes the research of Fellows and other related material. The Journal is co-sponsored by Nazarene Theological College (Church of the Nazarene), Kingsley Australia (Wesleyan Methodist Church), and Booth College (Salvation Army). The Editor is Dr. Glen O’Brien and he can be contacted at the email address given below.

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Journal Submissions

We invite scholars in the fields covered by the Centre’s research interests to submit articles for publication in our journal, which is now peer-reviewed by an international panel. Good quality articles are also invited from graduate students who are just beginning their academic writing and whose work does not yet meet the stricter criteria of the peer reviewed section of the journal. We are interested in receiving quality book reviews of significant new works in the fields covered by our research interests.

Please feel free to contact Dr. O’Brien for further information or to submit material for evaluation.

Editorial Team


Glen O’Brien, Booth College, Sydney


  • Kimberley E. Alexander, Regent University, Virginia
  • Ian Breward, University of Melbourne
  • Floyd Cunningham, Asia Pacific Nazarene Seminary, Manila
  • Kent E. Brower, Nazarene Theological College, Manchester
  • Jonathan P. Case, Houghton College, New York
  • Brian Edgar, Asbury Theological Seminary, Kentucky
  • Robert Gribben, Queen’s College, Melbourne
  • Alan Harley, Tyndale College, Sydney
  • Randy L. Maddox, Duke University, North Carolina
  • David B. McEwan, Nazarene Theological College, Brisbane
  • Dean Smith, Booth College, Sydney
  • Geoff R. Webb, Booth College, Melbourne
  • Norman Young, Melbourne College of Divinity