Becoming a Member or a Research Fellow

  • Research Fellows are elected from research degree supervisors from accredited institutions institutions who are active in research pertinent to the interests of the Centre.
  • Members are elected from postgraduate students registered for a Masters or Doctoral award from any accredited university or college and studying in an area of interest supported by the Centre. A person who has graduated with a Masters degree but is not currently pursuing further study, or a graduate with a Doctoral degree who is not approved to supervise research students may also be elected as a Member if they have an active research interest in the work of the Centre.
  • Visiting Research Fellows are established scholars who apply to conduct research through the Centre or to avail themselves of the benefits of the Centre.
  • Honorary Fellows are elected from established scholars in a field relevant to the interests of the Centre, who support the aims of the Centre.

How do I become a Member or a Research Fellow?

Interested scholars and graduate students are encouraged to apply by contacting the Revd Dr Glen A. O’Brien, Secretary of the ACWR, at

How do I become a Visiting Research Fellow?

Each year the Centre considers applications from researchers who wish to be considered as Visiting Research Fellows, and accepts a limited number of candidates.

The Visiting Scholar Program is designed to offer an opportunity for scholars who have a professional interest in the purposes of the ACWR to spend a period of time at one of the partner institutions in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney. The duration of the residency period would normally be one month, though it may extend to an academic term (three months). A Visiting Scholar will be able to take advantage of all or some of the following opportunities:

  • Access to the ACWR and, where desirable,¬†ongoing supervision during the period of residency from an appropriate member of the ACWR support staff.
  • Access to all the partner institutions and their library resources.
  • Present a paper to an ACWR Research Seminar, which includes faculty, research students, and invited guests.
  • Submit an article for publication in Aldersgate Papers.
  • Where appropriate, participate in postgraduate seminars.
  • Introductions, where applicable, to other noted research scholars (and, where possible, the chance to visit and interact with such scholars).

Visiting scholars will be responsible for making their own travel plans, and for confirming housing availability. Limited housing is available at some of the partner institutions.

Given the intensive nature of research, the ACWR suggests that scholars schedule this time apart from family and spousal commitments to make maximum use of this research opportunity.

  • The appointment of a Visiting Scholar will be approved by the ACWR Board.
  • Applications should normally be submitted by March 1st for winter residency (June-August) or by September 1st for summer residency (November-January).
  • Funding for visiting scholars will be the responsibility of the scholar and his/her home institution.

Please contact either the Director or the Secretary for further information and guidance about any aspect of the program.