Members are normally postgraduate students registered for a Masters or Doctoral award from any accredited university or college and studying in an area of interest supported by the Centre. A person who has graduated with a Masters degree but is not currently pursuing further study, or a graduate with a Doctoral degree who is not approved to supervise doctoral students may also be elected as a Member if they have an active research interest in the work of the Centre.

Bruce Allder, EdD, Lecturer in Liturgy and Pastoral Theology, Nazarene Theological College, Brisbane, Queensland

Peter Benzie, MTh, National Secretary  of the Wesleyan Methodist Church of New Zealand, Senior Minister of Redoubt North Wesleyan Methodist Church, Auckland, NZ.

Coralie Bridle, MTh, Convener of the NZFT wing of the Tri Territorial Theological Forum of The Salvation Army.

Adam Couchman, MA, DTheol candidate, Sydney College of Divinity, Adjunct Lecturer in Worship and Theology at Booth College, Sydney

Peter Dobson, DMin, Director of Academic Administration, St Athanasius Coptic Orthodox Theological College, Melbourne, VIC

Sam Hey, PhD, Senior Lecturer and Postgraduate Coordinator, Citipointe Ministry College, School of Ministries of Christian Heritage College, Brisbane, Queensland

Jennifer Hein, PhD, Adjunct Lecturer, St. Barnabas’ Theological College, Adelaide, South Australia

Caroline Jewkes, MTh, Salvation Army, New Zealand Territory

Brett Mitchell, MA, Corps Officer, Salvation Army Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW

Grattan Savage, MA, Corps Officer, Adjunct Lecturer in Church History at Catherine Book College, Melbourne, Victoria

Matthew Seaman, PhD candidate, University of Queensland

Richard Waugh, DMin, QSM, National Superintendent, Wesleyan Methodist Church of New Zealand

Kalie Webb, MTh, Salvation Army International Headquarters, London.