D’Arcy Wood

D’Arcy Wood was born in Tonga (1936) and educated in Melbourne and Princeton. His BA honours was in history and philosophy, his BD in systematic theology, his MA in ethics and his PhD in ecumenical theology. He has written many articles on theology, ecumenism and church music. His most recent book was “A Companion to ‘Together in Song’” and he has helped edit three ecumenical hymnals for Australia.

As a graduate student D’Arcy tutored in philosophy at Queen’s College, University of Melbourne. He was ordained in 1966 and has served parishes in Melbourne, Ballarat and Canberra. He was a lecturer in theology at Parkin-Wesley Theological College in Adelaide for 15 years and during that time was Moderator of the South Australia Synod of the Uniting Church. In the 1980s he was President of the Australian Council of Churches and in the 1990s National President of the Uniting Church.In his retirement he continues to preach and to write on hymnology and ecumenical issues.

He is a keen amateur singer and pianist.