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Readers:\r\n\r\nMethodist Review has just published a new article in its latest issue:\r\n\r\nRyan Nicholas Danker, “The Younger Brother Unveiled: Charles Wesley and Anglicanism in Colonial Boston”\r\n\r\nAbstract:\r\n\r\nCharles Wesley’s month-long accidental visit to colonial Boston in 1736 is a unique and interstitial period in his life. During this visit, Wesley is seen not only within a context long dominated by Puritanism, but also separate from his brother, John. The article paints a picture of the political and religoius context into which Wesley entered and against that back drop to see him clearly toward the end of his sojourn in the American colonies and on the cusp of his entrance into evangelicalism. In addition, while complimenting the work of S T Kimbrough Jr.on this period, the article adds insights previously unknown. Filling in the details of this short but informative episode in Wesley’s life provides the student of the period a glimpse into Wesley’s evolution as a revivalistic leader, but also highlights many ideological continuities that span either side of his “Pentecost” experience.\r\n\r\nThis article is now ready for reading at\r\n\r\nRex D. Matthews, Managing Editor, Methodist Review

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