October 2014 Methodist Review Newsletter

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The October 2014 issue of The Methodist Review Newsletter has just been published and is now ready for reading on the journal website: http://www.methodistreview.org.\r\n\r\nDr. Rex D. Matthews, Candler School of Theology\r\n\r\nrex.matthews@emory.edu\r\n\r\nMethodist Review, Vol 6 (2014)\r\n\r\nTable of Contents: http://www.methodistreview.org/index.php/mr/issue/view/13\r\n\r\nThe Younger Brother Unveiled:  Charles Wesley and Anglicanism in Colonial Boston (1-26)  Ryan Nicholas Danker\r\n\r\nFor the Relief of Human Suffering: The Methodist Committee on Overseas Relief in the Context of Cold War Initiatives in Development, 1940-1968  (27-68) Benjamin L. Hartley\r\n\r\nIndigenous Korean Theology and Minjung Theology in the Light of the Views of John Wesley and John Calvin (69-94) SeongMo Im

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