Institutional Partnerships

Nazarene Theological College is a community of scholars who seek to advance the work of God in the world through sound research, participation in scholarly dialogue, and effective teaching that encourages a Christian perspective of truth and life.
Kingsley Australia is committed to providing avenues for Wesleyan Methodists to explore issues of faith and ministry through accredited and non-accredited studies directly through correspondence studies and in 8 other locations across Australia.
Booth College (Salvation Army) is the Salvation Army’s education & training body in the Australia Eastern Territory, and provides a wide range of accredited and non-accredited courses in ministry, theology, leadership and management, counselling and pastoral care.
The Catherine Booth College in Victoria aims to generate a passion for mission and ministry, send out skilled people who are keen to keep learning and cultivate an understanding of the how’s and why’s of mission.
A graduate school in the Wesleyan tradition preparing men and women for Christ-like leadership and excellence in ministries, APNTS equips each new generation of leaders to disseminate the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Asia, the Pacific, and the world.
The Salvation Army Booth College of Mission in Wellington, New Zealand, consists of the School for Officer Training, the School of Bible and Mission, the Centre for Leadership Development, Youth Mission Training and an on-site Early Childhood Education Centre. Our mission is: ‘To inspire and enable men and women to develop the knowledge, skills, spirit and character to sustain and advance the mission of Christ in today’s world.’

Library Partnerships

Camden Theological Library is the library of the Uniting Church in Australia, NSW/ACT Synod. It is based at the Centre for Ministry, North Parramatta and is an integral part of the mission to educate persons for the various forms of ministry in the world and to provide theological leadership on issues facing the church and the world. It has a valuable collection of Methodist materials of interest to Members and fellows of the ACWR.
The Sugden Heritage Collections, Queen’s College are named in honour of Dr E.H. Sugden, the first Master of Queen’s College, who guided the development of the Library for over 40 years. A bibliophile, scholar, theologian and leading figure in Australian Methodism, Dr Sugden donated his own substantial collection of 18th century editions of John and Charles Wesley’s works to the college. These include twenty-four signed manuscript letters by John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, as well as other outstanding gifts of Wesley realia. This collection is of international importance and the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere. An extensive Methodist Collection of books, pamphlets, serials and manuscripts document the history and theology of Methodism in Australasia and Britain from the earliest years until the inception of The Uniting Church in Australia.

Denominational Partnerships

The Wesleyan Methodist Church of New Zealand cherishes its place in the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church. It was inaugurated on 2 July 2000 as a new national Church and is a partner with Wesleyan churches in Australia, the Solomon Islands and Bougainville, PNG in the Pacific Regional Conference of the Wesleyan Church.