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Readers:\r\n\r\nMethodist Review has just published two new articles in its latest issue at http://www.methodistreview.org/index.php/mr\r\n\r\nDarryl W. Stephens, “Moral Exemplar or Ethical Professional? Clergy and Sexual Sin in Methodist Church Law” (pp. 55-99)\r\n\r\nStephen W. Rankin, “Wesley and War: Guidance for Modern Day Heirs?” (pp. 101-39)\r\n\r\nWe invite you to visit our web site to review the Table of Contents of the current issue of the journal, the new articles and other items of interest.  Thanks for your continuing interest in our work.\r\n\r\nThe October 2011 issue of The Methodist Review Newsletter has just been published and is now available on the journal website at http://www.methodistreview.org/index.php/mr\r\n\r\nDr. Rex D. Matthews, Candler School of Theology,  rex.matthews@emory.edu\r\n\r\nMethodist Review Vol 3 (2011)    Table of Contents: http://www.methodistreview.org/index.php/mr/issue/view/9

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