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Dear Friends of the Manchester Wesley Research Centre:

Here is updated information about the Centre and upcoming events. I am circulating this in my role as Visiting Director of the MWRC while Geordan Hammond concentrates on the George Whitefield Letters project.

Please note the following announcements/news relating to the MWRC:

Oxford-Manchester-Durham Methodist Studies Seminar

The next Oxford-Manchester-Durham Methodist Studies Seminar will be on Saturday 18 April in Oxford. I have attached the draft programme to this message. Those planning to attend the Oxford seminar should register by contacting Emma Curran at: Full details can be found at:

The second 2015 seminar will be held in Manchester Saturday 5 December.

MWRC Annual Lecture

The 2015 MWRC Annual Lecture will be given by Dr David Rainey (Senior Lecturer in Theology, Nazarene Theological College) on Tuesday 16 June at 5pm. The topic will be ‘Beauty in Creation: John Wesley’s Natural Philosophy’. 

Summer MWRC Visiting Fellows

Dr Carol Blessing, Professor of Literature, has been appointed as a Point Loma Nazarene University Visiting Fellow (for the fourth time). Amongst other projects, she’ll continue her work on Mary Fletcher and Mary Tooth. Her plan is to be in Manchester from 6 April to the end of the month staying in the city centre for most of that time, and at NTC towards the end. She’ll present a paper at the Methodist Studies Seminar in Oxford.

Dr Cindy Aalders plans to be resident from roughly 15 June to 18 July. She has recently completed a DPhil at the University of Oxford on ‘Writing Religious Communities: The Spiritual Lives and Manuscript Cultures of English Women, 1740–90’. The title of her project at the MWRC is ‘The Methodist Child in Eighteenth-Century England’.

Dr Rob Gailey, Director of the Center for International Development and Professor of Business, has also been appointed as a Visiting Fellow. In Manchester he will focus his work on a chapter for a book (A Wesleyan Theology of Compassion) that he is co-authoring with Deirdre Brower Latz. The aim is to have co-authored chapters from compassionate ministry leaders from different world regions of the Nazarene Church. He is tentatively planning to be in Manchester from around 4-18 July.

Dr David Bundy is Research Professor of World Christian Studies at New York Theological Seminary and Visiting Professor at Seoul Theological University. He will be working in the NTC archives on ‘the English Roots of the Korean and Japanese Holiness Churches’. His dates of residency are roughly 19 July to 5 September.

Dr Glen O’Brien is Head of Theology and Associate Professor of Church History and Theology, Booth College, Sydney College of Divinity. He will be working on ‘John Wesley’s Political Writings’ His dates of residency are roughly 15 June to 24 July.

MWRC Fellows

The roster of MWRC Fellows has recently been updated. You can see the current listing of fellows and much other information at the MWRC website,

WTS Call for Papers

The 2016 meeting of the Wesleyan Theological Society is scheduled for 11-12 March at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California. The theme is ‘The New Birth’ and the keynote speaker is to be Dr Oliver Davies of King’s College London. The Call for Papers can be found at the society’s website:

Visiting Director’s Schedule

I will be serving as Visiting Director through January 2017. My wife Jan and I plan to be in residence at NTC in Manchester 14 June – 4 July 2015, then again for the months of January and June 2016, and finally January 2017. The rest of the time I will be residing in our home in Wilmore, Kentucky, US (when not travelling elsewhere) and will be available by email.


Howard A. Snyder

Visiting Director, Manchester Wesley Research Centre

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